Saturday, September 30, 2006

CST 1/10/06 "Prophecy"

on: Sunday 1st October @ 8.30pm

at: Beanscene, in Haymarket [view map]

Sorry for the late notice on this one - been at a conference all week and only just got internet access!

Following some interesting times trying to weigh up the 'prophetic words' I was given during this conference, and in the light of recent light-hearted shinanigans on a few blogs I read regularly (see my 2p worth here) I thought it'd be good to kick off the new CST season with a discussion on Prophecy - in the OT, in the NT and in the church. What is it? How are we to read and interpret it (in Scripture and in the church today)?

I confess to not having much of an idea about this - but hopefully our discussion will be mutually enriching! See you there!